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Stress Management & Anti Anxiety Using Science & Enhanced Imagery Techniques

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Sometimes life can feel a bit (or a lot) overwhelming.
We help our clients gain control of their stress and anxieties, bringing a sense of calm and happiness into their lives.
It's quick, it's easy, and it works. Give it a try.
- I was always worried something bad was going to happen, now I wake up excited about the day,'s like, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and I can finally breathe again.
- I used to feel completely overwhelmed, like everything was spinning out of control. And I know this might sound corny, but lately it feels like I have these super powers, and I can slow everything down around me whenever I want. It lets me focus and actually get things done, plus I'm so much happier!
- I never thought of myself as an irritable person, ...people just did stupid things to stress me out! It's funny now, I'm not sure if I have a new attitude or if everyone stopped being so annoying, but I admit it, my social life and time at work is really good lately. 
- Feeling that I can provide for my family and not sweating it out every month about paying the bills has given me back my life. It was a vicious circle - I was always stressed about money, and the stress kept me from doing what I needed to do to make the money I needed - glad to be off that merry-go-round!
- For me, it was work. I could never get everything done, my workload was insane, ...I was always worrying, what if I get fired? Now, I get what I need to get done, I have a good life outside of work, and I'm cool as a cucumber :)
- Never in a million years would someone describe me as a person who's willing to try new things or be adventurous. Whenever I had to do something new or something I was uncomfortable with, I literally felt sick to my stomach. Look at me now! I did a public speaking event, joined a meetup group and hiked up to this gorgeous waterfall, I even ordered something new at my favorite restaurant - I love this new me!
- It's funny to think that working on stress and anxieties would help me find the love of my life. I constantly worried that I'd always be alone. I know part of it was that I finally had the guts to try new things and meet new people. I think the other thing was that I was a lot more attractive when I wasn't so shy and a bundle of nerves. What's that saying? "Confidence breeds success."
- I used to get so mad when people said I "don't work," yeah right, you try making sure the kids have everything they need and are everywhere they have to be 24/7. But now, my family is running like a well-oiled machine. Everyone's doing their part (yes, my part definitely has the most "to-do's"), but just like you said would happen, I now have some real "me-time" AND my kids genuinely act like they appreciate me!
- For me, it wasn't really any one thing, it was just life in general. I was rarely happy. But, what happened to me was almost surreal. Kind of like when you look up in the sky and see a bunch of dark gray clouds, then all of a sudden, they begin to open up, and the most intense beams of sunshine fill the sky with light.

You are your own artist.

Dip your brush in the colors

of your dreams and what-if's

...and paint your own future.

Stress Management & Anti-Anxiety
Using Science & Enhanced Imagery Techniques:
So you mean to tell me the stress ball isn’t for throwing at people who stress you out?”


In The Zone Stress Relief Mini Retreat (90 minutes) $79.99

Our team has helped over 30,000 clients.
Now, it's your turn.
Combining the latest in scientific research with time-proven methods, we'll help you gain control over your stress levels and anxieties, quickly, and easily. Just IMAGINE... You're CALM & RELAXED, stress & anxieties are gone. No longer afraid & unsure, rather COURAGEOUS & CONFIDENT. RECHARGED & REFOCUSED, your mind is clear, your body's energized. Now, stop imagining, and make this happen. You're no good to the ones you love unless you're at your best. Do it now.
We teach you stress management tips & techniques that science has proven work for most people, most of the time. 
Like a kinked hose not letting the water flow freely, unwanted stress and anxiety puts a literal stranglehold on our flow of "feel good" hormones, information, creativity and on our ability to take action in our everyday lives. And as scientific imagery becomes more advanced, there's now proof that negative stress is the root cause of many diseases, illnesses and even weight gain. Today, it's become increasingly clearer that getting a handle on our stress levels is not a luxury, it's a necessity. 
But, notice we said, "unwanted" or what some call "negative" stress. Sometimes people think that stress is always a bad thing. When actually, the right amount of stress at the right time will help us, a lot! Stress is kind of like, energy. It can stimulate chemicals to boost brainpower. Short-term stress can jump-start our adrenalin, motivating us to perform more efficiently, which, in turn, can enhance our focus, and help us enter a state of flow, getting us, …in the zone.


Yet, sometimes, the pressure or the degree of the stress we're experiencing can be more than we’re comfortable with, and it can have the opposite effect. So, we want to “dial it down” a bit. Or maybe we're getting ready for something big, like a test, work presentation or athletic event, something that we'll excel at if we have that extra adrenaline boost and energy, we that's when we "dial it up." Or what if you want a total mind and body de-stress, a state of complete relaxation? We'll teach you techniques to manage your stress levels, so that YOU will have CONTROL over YOU. 

Next comes enhanced imagery,
& this is where the real magic begins.
After you've learned the most effective stress management and anxiety control tips and techniques, we begin an enhanced imagery session. We lead you into an extremely relaxed state, slowing down your brain frequencies, thereby creating a more open, focused and favorable neurological climate to accept the positive suggestions you desire. 
In this state we’re able to help you feel more confident, sharpen your intuitive skills, be in control of stress levels and anxieties and more! It’s quick, it’s easy, and you’ll leave feeling refreshed, reenergized, balanced and mentally stronger with a renewed sense of hope and expectation. 
Our team at In The Zone Centers is here to help you every step of the way. Whether you want to start by just dipping your toes in the water at one of our mini retreats or you’re ready to jump right in at a private session, …just call, text, email, or register online. The biggest regret our clients always have is wishing they’d done this sooner! 
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