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My New Life - What's the next step?
We have two types of clients: Those who say, "You've helped over 30,000 people, many who are World-Class Athletes and High-Powered Professionals, so... when can I get an appointment?" If that's you, it's simple, contact us today!
The other type wants more information first, ...if that sounds like you, check out our Info Video & the rest of our website. And then, call, text or email us! We'd be happy to explain anything you're not sure of. After helping so many clients find their "Special Thing," we're confident we'll help you find yours! The biggest regret our clients always have is wishing they'd called us sooner. (Contact Us)
What happens during my first session?
It's very "laid back"... literally :) First, we'll spend some time just talking for a bit, us learning about you, your world and what "special thing" or change in your life you're looking for. Then we'll explain how we'll work together to make that change happen, easily and quickly, by using Enhanced Imagery techniques! We lead you into an extremely relaxed state, slowing down your brain frequencies, thereby creating a more open, focused and favorable neurological climate to accept the positive suggestions you desire.  Afterwards, you'll feel amazing, ease and focused. (FYI: The fastest results come from starting with a personal session, if that won't work, we can use other options such as phone, FaceTime or Skype. The next quickest method is attending a 90-minute group mini retreat.)
What's it feel like to be in this mind-state?
We're in and out of these states every day. When you wake up without an alarm, and you still feel drowsy, your brainwaves are operating in a slower alpha or theta brainwave state. Ever find yourself driving on a familiar route, when all of a sudden you "snap out of it,"? You were in a similar state. When we become almost swept away while watching a movie, same thing, receptive mind-state. Daydreaming? Same thing again.
Our "Mind Coaches" are very well trained to use various methods to get you in this empowering state. While in this state, we’re able to help you feel more confident, sharpen your intuitive skills, be in control of stress levels and anxieties and more! It’s quick, it’s easy, and you’ll leave feeling refreshed, reenergized, balanced and mentally stronger with a renewed sense of hope and expectation. 
Zone Boost: like a quick "SuperPower" nap? 

In less time than it would take you to run down to the local coffee shop for a Grande Carmel Macchiato, our clients listen to their short Zone Boost recording before a big game, test or work presentation. It's kind of like a "SuperPower" nap, that calms AND energizes you at the same time. It also gets you into a state of almost laser-like focus. Each Zone Boost is customized for that "Special Thing" our clients are looking for...specific to their sport, profession or other challenge they're having or positive result they want to experience. This potent tool is part of our very easy to use and extremely convenient  Zone Works Recording System that can be streamed to your phone, tablet or computer. Our clients can receive access to this system. You're going to love it!

The Power Zone works while we sleep?
Yes! Our Zone Works Recording System is designed for busy people who want fast and easy results. Our clients can receive access to this system. The recordings are produced by some of the world's top performance therapists, who all together have personally met with and helped over 30,000 clients find what they're looking for. In addition to the quick Zone Boost (above), the absolutely MOST important part of the system is the Power Zone! Each night as your head's about to hit your pillow and you get ready to drift off to an amazing night's sleep, ...just turn on your Power Zone recording, and let the magic begin!  
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