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In the Zone Selling

Using Science with Mindfulness & Enhanced Imagery Techniques

You're CALM & RELAXED, stress & anxieties are gone.
No longer guarded & unsure, rather COURAGEOUS & CONFIDENT.
RECHARGED & FOCUSED, your mind is clear, your body's energized.
A relationship is fused, YOUR CLIENT IS HAPPY.
- Now, I control my stress, its not controlling me, about a game-changer.
- My focus level's at its peak, it's like I'm in the zone when I'm with customers, nothing's getting past me, and all the right words just flow from my lips.
- Lately it feels more like I'm playing team ball with my clients, & we're both coming out winners.
- It's not that I believe in a bunch of hocus pocus, but my gut, or intuition, has been spot on. Maybe I'm just paying more attention to it, but whatever it is, the results have been golden!
- Clients are sending me lots of referrals now, it feels really good being trusted that way.
- My whole attitude has changed: I'm not 'selling', it's more like I'm 'helping' ...while making money!
- The extra energy's what I'm loving, mentally & physically, I'm killing it!
- My family actually "wants" me around now! It's amazing how much happier & easy-going I am since I've gotten all that weight off my shoulders.
Selling: Using Science, Mindfulness & Enhanced Imagery Techniques
"You're a pretty good sales rep, except for the nine times you called me "Wallet" instead of "Walter.""

In the Zone Selling Mini Retreats (120 minutes) $99.99

Question of the Day:
How do you sell a professional salesperson on the idea that you can help them become an even better salesperson?
Answer: You don't. 
If there's one thing we've learned from our professional sales clients, it's that those who strive to be the best are always looking for ways to get better, and the others are just looking for excuses.
What we will do is let you know some of the ways we've helped many of our combined 30,000 clients, and you can decide if you think that might make you better at your job, and happier in your life. 
Now that we've gotten that covered, we'll see you on Friday! What do you mean you haven't decided? Would you prefer a group mini retreat or a private session? You don't know? Well, there's only a few more openings in our schedule, it'd be a shame if your competition beat you to them. Please, no need to get angry! We're not trying to pressure you, it's just that the price goes up 20% next week... :)
(DISCLAIMER: For those of you very new to the profession of sales, the above paragraph was our attempt at humor using Assumptive, Alternative, Standing-Room-Only and Last-Chance closes. You think that's bad, should hear the jokes we use in our Dating Retreats!)
Learn tips & techniques that scientific research and client experience has proven to help most sales professionals, most of the time. 


Collectively, our "Mind Coaches" have met with and helped over 30,000 wonderful adults and students (a.k.a., our clients)  utilizing one-on-one, team, small group, mini retreats and business sessions to help them find that what they're looking for.

Our clientele is expansive, it includes Olympians, Professional Athletes, Weekend Warriors, Performers, Musicians, Business Professionals, Parents, Young Adults, really, anyone with the desire to improve their life, including, of course, ...Sales Professionals.

We work with hundreds of issues, but with those in the profession of selling, there's often many different facets to deal with. The variables in "sales" are limitless. Is it a major or a minor sale? One or more decision makers? What past experiences might affect your buyer's decision? Who's your competition and what are they offering? Is the price too high, too low? Do you have the same first name as the boy or girl who dumped your buyer the night before their senior prom? 


So, where do we begin with professional sales people who want to bring home more cash and create a balance in their lives? While we appreciate and acknowledge that a great majority of the over 300,000 books on Amazon that contain the word "sales" or "selling" in their title may all have a few nuggets of sage sales wisdom, we prefer to take our direction from good old fashioned research science and from our personal experiences with sales professionals.

The crux of the research we consider includes hundreds or thousands of sales performances that are examined and analyzed in various research studies, identifying the variables or sales strategies that are most often present in successful sales calls.


Other research we look at is a bit more subjective, it's based on what did the successful salesperson who "won" the deal do differently than the one who lost it, according to the buyer. And a warning, sometimes, the scientific conclusions of the research fly in the face of age-old accepted "sales techniques." You can accept it, reject it, or try it, ...our clients decide for themselves. We present several different research-based tips and techniques in our sessions, and you can choose which ones you'd like to test-drive.

In addition to actual sales research, our team members have a great deal of experience with sales professionals as clients. Of course, controlling stress levels, experiencing confidence, sharpening intuition and becoming more mindful are some of the main areas in which we've helped them to soar within their profession, but those are just the tip of the iceberg. 

And, speaking of ice, although there are some who could sell ice to an Eskimo, we are more interested in the success of those who'd prefer to sell rugged, hard-driving and efficient 4WD vehicles to said Eskimo, ...and to his family and friends and neighbors and co-workers. In other words, sales professionals who believe in creating and maintaining solid relationships, built on mutual respect. If the latter describes you, read on, register for a mini retreat or call or text for a private session. We'd sincerely like to help, and we're confident that we can.


Like a kinked hose not letting the water flow freely, unwanted stress and anxiety puts a literal stranglehold on our flow of information, creativity, intuition, "feel good" hormones, and on our ability to take action in our everyday lives.


But sometimes, the right amount of stress at the right time will help us, a lot! Stress is kind of like, energy. It can stimulate chemicals to boost brainpower. Stress motivates us to succeed, which can enhance our focus, and help us enter a state of flow, getting us, …in the zone.


But, when the degree of the stress we're experiencing is more than we’re comfortable with, we want to “dial it down” a bit. Or maybe we're getting ready for something big, like a sales call or work presentation, something that we'll excel at if we have that extra adrenaline boost and energy, ...that's when we "dial it up."


We'll teach you techniques to manage your stress levels, so that YOU will have CONTROL over YOU.


Is there any one thing or trait more compelling in a salesperson than self-confidence?  We'll help you find, experience and call upon at-will an unshakable belief in yourself and in your abilities.


"If only I'd listened to my gut and bought those 100 shares of Microsoft in 1986..." If we were to tell you that periodically, it could be once a week or 10 times in one day, ...the most amazing and biggest and fastest supercomputer in the entire world will send you a text message suggesting you do or don't do something, for your own good, ...but kind of like Snapchat, the message might disappear after one second, or five seconds or 20 seconds, or never, it's all random. Would you pay attention to the messages it sends you? Would you heed the supercomputer's advice?  


Well, guess what? Our brains are still about 30 times faster than the world's fastest supercomputer. And its complexity is unrivaled. It took the Japanese K supercomputer, with 700,000 processor cores and 1.4 million gigabytes of RAM, 40 minutes to simulate 1 second of brain “activity”.

Let's take this one step further, and consider the brain itself. The processing abilities of the unconscious part of the human brain are estimated at roughly 11 million pieces of information per second. Compare that to the estimate for conscious processing (the logical "thinking" part of our brain): about 40 pieces per second.


If the unconscious part of our brain (processing 11 million pieces of information per second) suggests we do or don't do something, and instead we allow the logical, conscious "thinking" part of our brain (processing 40 pieces per second) to OVER-RIDE and CANCEL-OUT the advice or thought that our wiser and more powerful unconscious is suggesting, is that a smart move? Usually not.


We'll help you strengthen your intuitive abilities and to start paying attention when the unconscious part of your brain is trying to "talk" to you, a.k.a., "gut feeling." This alone will give you an unimaginable powerful edge in both business and in the rest of your life.


Have you ever watched a newscaster in the middle of a live disaster broadcast, and he asks a woman how she feels while seeing her house and all her belongings disappearing before her in a blazing fire? And, as she begins to answer, with tears pouring down her face, you see the newscaster's eyes look up and to his left, obvious that he's listening to the producer's voice in his earpiece, and not hearing, not really hearing, a single word this distraught woman is saying. It's beyond disrespectful.


And not only can you easily lose a sale if your buyer senses you "aren't all there" with him or her, but a strong ability to focus on the here and now will also equip you with insight and information that you might otherwise miss. And it's often this insight which becomes the bricks you can use to pave the way for you and your client's journey towards discovering the perfect sales solution. We're living in a world full of diversions and distracting thoughts, we'll teach you techniques to better focus on the here and now.

Next comes enhanced imagery, ...this is where the real magic begins.
After you've learned the most effective skills, tips and techniques, we begin an enhanced imagery session. We lead you into an extremely relaxed state, slowing down your brain frequencies, thereby creating a more open, focused and favorable neurological climate in which the unconscious part of your brain will more readily accept the positive suggestions you desire. 
In this state we’re able to help you feel more confident, sharpen your intuitive skills, shake off any lingering pain or doubts from your past, control stress and anxieties, help you with your focus and more! It’s quick, it’s easy, and you’ll leave feeling refreshed, reenergized, balanced and mentally stronger with a renewed sense of hope and expectation. In other words, we get you primed and ready bring home the gold!
And in a similar fashion in which the Karate Kid mastered his skills through "wax on, wax off," you, too, will naturally and easily, without even thinking about it, become an "expert" the world of professional sales. Banzai!
Our team at In The Zone Centers is here to help you every step of the way. Whether you want to start by just dipping your toes in the water at one of our mini retreats or you’re ready to jump right in at a private session, …just call, text, email, or register online. The biggest regret our clients always have is wishing they’d done this sooner! 
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