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ACT or SAT Score Booster Mini Retreat

I want to boost my ACT or SAT score so I can...
1. Get into a very selective school.
2. Give me lots of choices by gaining acceptance into many schools.
3. Go to college free or almost free.
4. Save thousands of dollars with merit/academic scholarships.
5. Have a competitive edge for Athletic Scholarships; coaches prefer kids with higher scores & grades.
A score increase after a 90-minute session?
It's not unusual at all for many of the students we work with to boost their ACT or SAT score after a 90-minute Score Booster session taken the week of their test. We often see a similar performance increase with athletes, salespeople and others we work with who are looking for an edge. But, how does a 90 minute session raise your ACT or SAT score?
ACT/SAT Score Booster Mini Retreat
Better Scores & Less Stress Using Enhanced Imagery
“If your brain’s like the Bermuda Triangle… information goes in and is never found again, …then you need this!”


ACT/SAT Score Booster Mini Retreat (90 minutes) $79.99

Powerful "last minute" tips & strategies
We are NOT an ACT or SAT prep company trying to sell you our services. We are "Performance" therapists who get quick results for our clients. During the 90-minute Score Booster session, we bring together what experts agree are many of the most powerful ACT or SAT test-taking tips and strategies, and we present them in a specialized way so they better "stick" in the minds of our students.
Techniques to increase information retrieval

These exams are testing students on knowledge they should have accumulated over the course of the last few years. And, if they want their score to be the best possible, they should either be planning on or have already taken a prep class, worked with a prep tutor or have done a lot of practice on their own. But even if they haven't, with the Score Booster session, they'll still come out ahead.


The challenge with timed tests tends to be how to access our database of information (our mind) so that we can quickly recall and retrieve the data or answers that we need. During the Score Booster session, we teach our students techniques and triggers to use during the exam so they can more easily access that information, while also improving their focus and concentration. 

Relax by controlling negative stress & anxiety
Imagine thisthe evening before his ACT tor SAT test, your son (or daughter) has a great time at a school sporting event or maybe a movie night with friends. He gets an amazing night's sleep and awakens the next morning refreshed, and then enjoys a healthy breakfast with protein. He grabs his already-assembled gallon-sized Ziplock which contains two #2 sharpened pencils with erasers, an approved calculator, ticket, ID and healthy snacks, ...and he leaves for the testing center feeling ready. During the exam, he is able to control his stress and anxiety levels, stay focused and use his test-taking techniques and triggers. After the test is over, he's feeling pretty dang good.
The last part of our Score Booster session is when we really work our magic! One of the most important things we do is help our students control negative stress and anxiety. Like a kinked hose not letting the water flow freely, unwanted stress and anxiety puts a stranglehold on our flow of information, making it almost impossible for the correct answers to freely move from our head to our pencils.
The best and quickest way we've found to help our kids open up that pipeline of knowledge
is through an enhanced imagery session. We lead our students into an extremely relaxed state, slowing down their brain frequencies, thereby creating a more open, focused and favorable neurological climate to accept the positive suggestions they desire. 
In this state we’re able to help them feel more confident, sharpen their intuitive skills, control stress and anxieties, move along at a quicker, more focused pace, and let the information from their minds flow freely to their pencils! It’s quick, it’s easy, and they’ll leave feeling refreshed, reenergized, balanced and mentally stronger with a renewed sense of hope and expectation. In other words, we get them primed and ready kick some ACT/SAT booty!
And THAT is how we turn the above "Imagine this" ...into your son or daughter's exam reality.
We hope to see your son or daughter at our next Score Booster session during the week of their exam. Not only will your student greatly benefit from these 90 minutes, but we provide most of our group sessions as a community service, greatly reducing our fees and donating profits back to your school, team or other non-profit organization through our In the Zone Fundraising Program.
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