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You Can Do Great Things Alone.
You Can Do Extraordinary Things
With a Good Team.

Let us help you find Your Extraordinary Thing
Confidence. Motivation. Athleticism. Focus. Wealth. Freedom. Flow. Success. Wellness. Healthy Lifestyle. Stress Relief. Sleep. Creativity. Public Speaking. Academic Excellence. Discipline. Happiness. Peace. Courage. Hope. Strength. Love.

Collectively, our In The Zone Performance member “Mind Coaches” have helped over 30,000 clients find their Extraordinary Thing.
Our team approach is, without a doubt, the most effective and efficient means of getting you the results you want quickly and almost effortlessly. Our team members include a powerhouse of experienced experts who employ time-proven techniques coupled with the latest in scientific research and methods. Working with clients independently or in a complementary role with their physicians, trainers, physical therapists, psychiatrists, athletic coaches, educators or other respected professionals, our members specialize in fast and lasting results.
Utilizing Enhanced Imagery Techniques, quick, easy and proven methods which may include methods such as clinical hypnotherapy (quickest method to make lasting changes in our lives), relaxation therapy, focus control, mental block removal, guided visualization, anxiety & phobia release, mindfulness training, sports therapy, and many other techniques, our In The Zone “Mind Coaches” are well trained to help you get right to the heart of what you want to achieve. Time’s a commodity in short supply these days, so our coaches don’t waste it.
And, rest assured, our members have all received exceptional training and experience, are of the highest integrity, compassionate and very knowledgeable. Personal one-on-one and group sessions are available in our main center conveniently located in Centennial, Colorado, (off of I-25 & Arapahoe) or in our Team Member offices in Westminster, Broomfield or Denver (Washington Park). We also  have team members throughout the United States, Canada and abroad, so please feel free to contact us via phone, text or email regardless of where you live!
Meet Our Management Team
Our phenomenal management team is very hands-on, not only running our In The Zone Centers, but also working with private clients, teams and corporations. In addition to that, they continually work with our associate "mind coaches" throughout the country to insure all our clients receive the same high level of service we demand.
Drake & Lynsi Eastburn
Based in the state of Colorado, with its affinity for healthy lifestyles, nature, adventure, even the U.S. Olympic Training Center, it’s only reasonable our company might have ONE of the Country’s top “Enhanced Imagery” Therapists living in our beautiful state. But to be able to say we have TWO in Colorado, and both Senior “Mind Coaches and Trainers” at ITZ Performance, is truly something to be celebrated.
Both Lynsi and Drake were highly respected leaders in their field prior to meeting each other, and then in 1999, they combined forces, both as husband and wife and also as extremely successful business partners and authors. Having presented and trained all over the world, the Eastburns are co-founders of the Eastburn Hypnotherapy Center, the Eastburn Hypnotherapy Clinic for HypnoFertility and their International Training Center, the Eastburn Institute of Hypnosis. You may also see the Eastburns all around town volunteering  hundreds of hours at area high schools and colleges, helping change lives as well as educating our youth on the benefits of hypnotherapy and other enhanced imagery techniques.
Drake Eastburn
Drake has seen it all and done it all. We doubt there is anyone currently practicing in this field who has personally seen and helped more clients than Drake Eastburn. A former Ultra Distance Runner, Drake is no stranger to competition, hard work, determination, focus and mastering one’s mind. With over 30 years of experience in private practice, Drake has worked with Olympians, Tour de France riders, professional athletes, attorneys, CEO’s, salespeople, office workers, retailers, tradesmen, parents, kids, teens, and so many others who were looking for positive changes in their lives. Stress, confidence, anxiety, phobias, physical issues, pain relief, recovery, and literally hundreds of other challenges facing Drake’s clients came to a successful conclusion under the skill and mastery of Drake Eastburn. Although privacy and confidentiality to our clients precludes us from sharing the often unbelievable experiences that have come from Drake’s years of transforming his clients’ lives, suffice to say, if you can imagine it, Drake will help you achieve it. One of the most highly principled and honest men you will ever have the pleasure of meeting, in spite of his goofy jokes, Drake is, without a doubt, a man we are so grateful and honored to have as an integral part of our management team.
Lynsi Eastburn
The “Spirit Baby Whisperer,” as dubbed by many of her clients, Lynsi has found her life’s purpose in helping women become pregnant. After a flourishing career of assisting thousands of clients with various challenges, Lynsi found herself drawn to the large number of successes she was having in helping women (who were told they had “unexplained infertility”) to become pregnant and deliver healthy, beautiful babies. Wanting to further help spread the joy of motherhood to countless others who’d received that misguided diagnosis, Lynsi created HypnoFertility® - a program based on thousands of clinical hours in her own private practice. Since then, Lynsi has trained hundreds of therapists in her methods worldwide. She is also a highly-acclaimed author, researcher and instructor, and still manages to find time to see clients worldwide (often utilizing Skype). Her diverse clientele come from all walks of life and include medical doctors, research scientists, psychiatrists/psychologists, attorneys, celebrities, professional athletes, writers, college professors, teachers, executives, stay-at-home moms (secondary infertility), nurses, and others. Lynsi also has two boys who utilize various Enhanced Imagery Techniques, her oldest, a successful young businessman in Canada and her youngest is in college majoring in music performance, he's also a member of several elite professional percussion ensembles. Many of our team’s cutting edge techniques and the various scientific approaches used to help our clients, are owed in large part, to Lynsi’s relentless research, study and leadership - benefiting our mind coaches and clients!
Sandy Bain

Sandy heads up our business operations and teenage athletes program, and is currently working with many of the country's top coaches on "Mental Toughness Training for Teenage Athletes," due out in the Fall of 2021. She specializes in increasing performance utilizing various Enhanced Imagery Methods, primarily for athletes, musicians, students, and business professionals. She works with clients in one-on-one sessions, as well as in group/corporate or team sessions and workshops. After being trained in various Enhanced Imagery Techniques years ago, Sandy utilized those “mind methods” in her successful sales and marketing career internationally and in New York, Chicago and Denver. She mastered the art of high level marketing, sales and sales training with the help of those skills which aided her in focus, confidence, visualization and relaxation/stress relief. Years later, Sandy decided she wanted to help others reach their performance goals. She received the highest level of professional training possible at the Eastburn Institute and also spent many years working with youth coaches, doctors, trainers, mental performance coaches and thousands of high school students to advance her research with adolescents. Sandy is the mother of two student athlete daughters, both who’ve been involved in year-round sports most of their lives. Both have played basketball as college student athletes. And both girls used Enhanced Imagery Techniques which have helped them with academics and athletics.

Sherrie Martin
Sherrie has also helped many clients find their “special thing!” She works with those looking to increase performance, relieve stress, increase confidence, attract what they want in their life, and get rid of what they don’t want. She’s also a former Speech-Language Pathologist and has worked in the medical field with neurologically impaired patients. Her love of neuro science and her past experience has helped to make Sherrie very “tuned-in” to her clients’ needs. She’s also been on the receiving end of Enhanced Imagery Techniques. As is the case with many women, Sherrie was focusing on her career and waited a while to try to conceive. After the stress of two failed rounds of IVF, with only one more planned, she decided to find someone who would help her with “fertility mind techniques.” She could “see” her baby in her mind, she just needed a bit more guidance and training to get him from her mind and into her arms. Sherrie met regularly with the country’s expert, our Team’s Lynsi Eastburn. That final round of IVF was all she needed. Sherrie did conceive, felt confident and calm throughout the pregnancy, and was able to work up until the day she had her little man. Although she had used various Enhanced Imagery Techniques for over 20 years, after that experience, Sherrie decided to also get the highest level training available at the Eastburn Institute so that she, too, could help others live their dreams as a “Mind Coach.” And every time she looks at her little guy, Sherrie is still in awe of the power of these techniques that so often result in such positive changes to a person's life.
Kelly Brûlé - Head of Canadian Division
Kelly is a second-generation certified hypnotherapist and mind coach. He is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), a training assistant at the Eastburn Institute of Hypnotherapy (EIH) and is the head of the Canadian division of In The Zone Performance Centers (ITZ), an international self-improvement organization based in Colorado. Kelly has been practicing the healing arts all his life. He received his first Reiki attunement at the age of five and has been meditating since he was three-years-old. He attended his first formal hypnosis training when he was sixteen. Kelly’s passion lies in helping people to not only discover, but to recover—and accentuate—their best selves. He especially enjoys working with athletes of all levels, from little school children to professional sports players. Kelly knows firsthand the benefits of hypnotherapy and has used it many times in his own life. It especially helped him finetune his saxophone skills so that he could put forth his very best at the various music competitions and performances he participated in throughout his high school and college years. Kelly has a background in management and customer service, and an entrepreneurial spirit. He loves music, playing both the sax and the drums, and can occasionally be found around town jamming with an array of various musicians. Kelly is an avid reader and loves the outdoors. He is the “dad” of an adorable (100+ lbs.) rescue dog named Finnigan.
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