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Mini Group Retreats

What is a Mini Group Retreat?
A 90-120 minute group session for busy people who want to quickly and easily make a specific, positive change in their life, and leave the retreat feeling completely relaxed, recharged and refocused. Think - 
Seminar: in a lecture format, you'll learn tips and techniques designed to reach your goals, scientifically-proven techniques which work for most people, most of the time; 
+ Workshop: without feeling like you're "working" - we'll be helping the "automatic" part of your brain to clear away any negative thoughts and habits that have been holding you back, and then replace them with the positive changes you're looking for; and
+ Retreat: you deserve this! Treat yourself to a "Mind Massage" that starts at the top of your head and reaches all the way down to your toes. Your body and mind work at peak performance levels when we periodically clear out the cobwebs caused by physical and mental stress, tension and distracting thoughts. So, consider this a wonderful bi-product of your group session. You'll choose your personal "mind vacation" destination (beach, mountains, grassy meadow, a big fluffy bed, floating around in the clouds, etc.), and we'll help take you there - you're going to love it!
Mini Group Retreats
- Stress Management & Anti Anxiety Using Science & Enhanced Imagery Techniques: “So you mean to tell me the stress ball isn’t for throwing at people who stress you out?” - In The Zone Stress Relief Mini Retreat (90 minutes) $79.99 
- Teens: Chipotle® & Chill - Better Grades & Less Stress Using Enhanced Imagery: “What is an Extreme Sport? Doing your homework while your teacher is collecting it!” - Teens: Chipotle® & Chill Mini Retreat (90 minutes, Teens only- No adults or kids under 13, Chipotle Bar included) $99.99 
- Lose Weight & Get Fit Using Science & Enhanced Imagery Techniques: “How many boxes of these THIN MINTS do I have to eat before I start seeing results?” - In the Zone Weight Loss Mini Retreat: 120 minutes - $99.99 
- ACT/SAT Score Booster – Have more choices for college, go to school free or save thousands, be more competitive for Athletic Scholarships - “If your brain’s like the Bermuda Triangle… information goes in and is never found again, …then you need this!” - In The Zone ACT or SAT Mini Retreat: (90 minutes) $79.99 
- Student Athletes - Win Your Mental Game Starting Today!  - mini retreats are available for many different sports including Baseball, Basketball, Cheer, Football, Lacrosse, Volleyball, etc. "Waitress:  'Sorry for the wait, we’re super busy.’ Student Athlete: ‘Busy? You don’t know what busy is, the grind never quits!’'" - In The Zone Student Athlete Mini Retreat (90 minutes) $79.99 
- In the Zone Selling - Using Science with Mindfulness & Enhanced imagery Techniques: “You’re a pretty good sales rep, except for the nine times you called me “wallet” instead of “Walter.” - In the Zone Selling Mini Retreat: 120 minutes - $99.99 
- Pain Relief - Using Science & Enhanced Imagery Techniques: “You know the saying, ‘Find a penny, pick it up, all day long, you’ll have …this lower back pain that makes you feel like you’re 90.’” - In The Zone Pain Relief Clinic Mini Retreat (90 minutes) $79.99 
- Finding Forever Love Using Science & Enhanced Imagery Techniques: “I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile. Then walk into a pole. jk ;)” - In The Zone Dating Mini Retreat (90 minutes) $79.99 
Mini Group Retreats Schedule:
Please Contact Us So We Can Contact You when our New Schedule Comes Out. We Can Also Arrange Private/Custom Mini Group Retreats.
Call or Text: 720.532.2956   Email:
What happens during a Mini Group Retreat?

It's very relaxed. First, we'll spend some time just talking for a bit, in a lecture format. We talk. You listen. This is a group session, but not "group therapy." We won't be asking you to share (that would be done in a private session). We'll discuss the latest scientific research and studies pertaining to the retreat subject, and offer tips, techniques and tools you may want to try out to help bring about your desired results.


Then we'll explain how we'll work together to make your desired change happen, easily and quickly, by using Enhanced Imagery techniques, including focus, mindfulness and visualization.


This is where the real magic begins.  We lead you into an extremely relaxed state, slowing down your brain frequencies, thereby creating a more open, focused and favorable neurological climate to accept the positive suggestions you desire. 

In this state we’re able to help you feel more comfortable, sharpen your intuitive skills, further embed goal-related techniques into the automatic part of your mind, control stress and more! It’s quick, it’s easy, and you’ll leave feeling refreshed, reenergized, balanced and mentally stronger with a renewed sense of hope and expectation. In other words, we get you primed and ready quickly and easily reach your desired goals!
Our team (Colorado Registered Psychotherapists) at In The Zone Centers is here to help you every step of the way. Whether you want to start by just dipping your toes in the water at one of our mini retreats or you’re ready to jump right in at a private session, …just call, text, email, or register online. The biggest regret our clients always have is wishing they’d done this sooner! 
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